The painter Mongi Higgs was born in Reutlingen / Germany in 1963 and grew up in Upper Bavaria. Because of his outstanding talent, he is accepted at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Munich – even without without the requirement for a university. The artist Mongi Higgs completed his studies under Professor Abhold with great success. After a one-year stay abroad in Caracas, Venezuela, he successfully works as a creative director in renowned German advertising agencies in the following years before founding his own communications consultancy firm. The reflections and references to real-life issues in his works certainly find their origin here.

From 2009 onwards, he devoted himself increasingly to art again and various solo and group exhibitions followed at home and abroad. Painting is generally the most difficult form of art, Mongi Higgs quotes Prof. Markus Lüpertz, with whom he studies in the meantime. In painting, there are so many possibilities to express oneself, to tell stories and to question matter. The human being is always at the centre of the artist’s figurative oeuvre. Mongi Higgs lives and works in Munich and in his studio in Brandenburg. The large-scale works can be seen in the modern art gallery konsum163 in Munich, Berlin and online.